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The Journal of Nutrition, Fasting and Health is a peer-reviewed open access, free journal.


JNFH provides publication of articles quarterly in a different areas of nutrition such as clinical nutrition , community nutrition, nutrigenomics, molecular nutrition, nutritional biochemistry, food health and safety, ERAS  and also all aspects of fasting in health and diseases such as intermittent fasting, fasting health benefits. 

 This journal is sponsored by Mashhad University of Medical Sciences (MUMS), Mashhad, Iran.

دارای رتبه علمی-پژوهشی از وزارت بهداشت درمان و آموزش پزشکی

Current Issue: Volume 7, 4 (Special Issue on Food Safety, Autumn 2019, Pages 175-240 

Research Paper

1. Assessment of Microbial and Chemical Quality of a Ready to Eat Food, Olivier Salad, in Mashhad City

Pages 175-181

Asma Afshari; Milad Tavassoli; Mahdi Ram; Golnaz Ranjbar

6. Development of the pH Sensitive Indicator Label for Real-time Monitoring of Chicken Freshness

Pages 217-225

Fatemeh Akrami Mohajeri; Mozhdeh Riahi; Elham Khalili Sadrabad; Seyedhossein Hekmatimoghaddam; Ali Jebali

7. Effect of Natamycin and Temperature on Microbial population of Doogh during the Shelf Life

Pages 226-234

Mahboobe Sarabi Jamab; Mojgan Yazdi; Abolfazl Pahlevanloo

8. Co- Encapsulation of Vitamin D and Calcium for Food Fortification

Pages 235-239

Aram Bostan; Arash Ghaitaranpour