Third International Clinical Nutrition Conference (Abstract Book & Programs)




The 3rd Iranian Congress of Clinical Nutrition will be held on 17th to 19th of February 2020 in Mashhad. On behalf of this congress executive committee, it is my pleasure to welcome you all too magnificent city of Mashhad.
Clinical nutrition is a fast growing specialty in the world. We need to increase the awareness of medical professions to the importance of nutritional support in hospitals. For this purpose, we name the theme of this year’s conference “Fighting Malnutrition in Hospital”.
Mashhad University of Medical Sciences is a pioneer centre in clinical nutrition training in the country. As the centre of excellence in nutritional sciences, it has provided us with all facilities for a great conference.
In this congress, we will have a mixture of clinical, educational and legislative sessions, symposiums and workshops. We will have 3 ESPEN LLL courses which is the 2nd series of LLL courses in Iran.