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The Journal of Nutrition, Fasting and Health is a peer-reviewed open access, free journal.


JNFH provides publication of articles quarterly in a different areas of nutrition such as clinical nutrition, community nutrition, public health nutrition, nutrigenomics, molecular nutrition, nutritional biochemistry, food health and safety, nutrition physiology, sport nutrition, health sciences, ERAS  and also all aspects of fasting in health and diseases such as intermittent fasting, fasting health benefits. 

 This journal is sponsored by Mashhad University of Medical Sciences (MUMS), Mashhad, Iran.

دارای رتبه علمی-پژوهشی از وزارت بهداشت درمان و آموزش پزشکی

Current Issue: Volume 12, Issue 1, March 2024 

Research Paper

Prevalence of Feeding Intolerance in PICU: A Cross-sectional Study

Pages 1-6

Alireza Hatami; Faezeh Mashhadi; Ava Hemmat; Hadis Alimoradi; Mohammad Safarian; Majid Sezavar; Gholamreza Khademi; Maryam Naseri; Fatemeh Roudi

A Comparison of the Effects Continuous and Interval Exercises on Fibrillin-1 and Asprosin in Obese Male Rats

Pages 7-13

Hossein Pirani; Mahdi Roustaie; Rahman Soori; Amir Rashid Lamir; Omid Reza Salehi

Risk Stratification for Fasting in Diabetic Patients Based on the IDF-DAR Guideline

Pages 14-19

Zahra Mazloum Khorasani; Hassan Mehrad- Majd; Mohammad Ali Yaghoubi

Association of Covid-19 Infection with Physical Activity and Food Intake; Mashhad PERSIAN Cohort Results

Pages 20-25

Nasrin Faramarzi; Saba Belyani; Majid Khadem-rezaiyan; Reza Rezvani; Maryam Alinezhad-Namaghi

The Effects of Quarantine and Corona Virus on Dietary Habits, Physical Activity, and Anthropometric Indices

Pages 42-50

Ameneh Ghorbani; Zinat Kamali; Pouyan Ebrahimi; Zahra Abodollahi; Mina Minaei; Ariyo Movahedi

The Trend of Nutritional Adequacy and Nutritional Routs among Imam Reza Teaching Hospital: Result from NutritionDay 2019-2021

Motahare Bateni; Mohadeseh Hassan-zadeh; Majid Khadem-rezaiyan; Maryam Golzar; Abdolreza Norouzy; Maryam Alinezhad-Namaghi

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