Nanocomposite Films Based on Soy Protein Isolate-Montmorillonite Nanoclay Containing Emulsion and Nanoemulsion of Zataria Multiflora Essential Oil for Preserving Chilled Chicken Burgers

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Food Hygiene and Quality Control, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Shahrekord University, Shahrekord, Iran.

2 Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, Arak University of Medical Sciences, Arak, Iran.


Introduction: This study aimed to evaluate the effect of nanocomposite film based on soy protein isolate-montmorillonite nanoclay (SPI-MMT) containing Zataria multiflora essential oil emulsion (ZEO) and nanoemulsion (ZNE) on the quality of chilled chicken burgers. Method: Nanoemulsion, nanocomposite film, and chicken burgers were prepared based on instructions. The hamburgers were divided into six different groups with four replicates. The experimental groups were Control, SPI-MMT, SPI-MMT+1% ZEO, SPI-MMT+2% ZEO, SPI-MMT+1% ZNE, and SPI-MMT+2% ZNE, which were analyzed for microbial, physicochemical, and sensory parameters during 16 days of storage at refrigerator (days include 0, 4, 8, 12, and 16). Result: The treated groups, including SPI-MMT+1% ZEO, SPI-MMT+2% ZEO, SPI-MMT+1% ZNE, and SPI-MMT+2% ZNE, showed the lower mesophilic and psychrophilic bacteria, lactic acid bacteria (LAB) and Enterobacteriaceae count than the control and SPI-MMT groups during storage. The treatments also reduced the increasing rate of total volatile nitrogen, lipid oxidation, pH, and cooking loss during storage. The SPI-MMT+2% ZNE treatment was the best treatment to reduce the microbial population, retard physicochemical and sensory changes, and increase the shelf-life of chicken burgers. Conclusion: Based on the results, the nanocomposite film based on soy protein isolate-montmorillonite nanoclay containing Z. multiflora essential oil emulsion and nanoemulsion can improve the microbiological and physicochemical quality and is recommended for the preservation of chicken burgers during chilled storage.


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