Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 4, Autumn 2014, Pages 131-180 

Short Communication

1. Is Carbohydrate Mouth Rinsing A Novel Approach to Maintain Exercise Performance during Ramadan Fasting?

Pages 162-164

Ahmad Munir Che Muhamed; Rabindarjeet Singh; Abdul Rashid Aziz

Review Article

2. Perioperative Fasting and Children: A Review Article

Pages 131-135

Bahareh Imani; Gholamreza Khademi

3. Islamic Fasting and Oral Health and Diseases

Pages 143-146

Abbas Javadzadeh Blouri; Mohammad Hassan Zarrabi; Morteza Taheri; Zahra Delavarian

4. Misconceptions and Negative Attitudes Towards the Metabolic Effects of Ramadan Fasting, Resulting In Fasting Avoidance

Pages 151-157

Zhaleh Shadman; Nooshin Poorsoltan; Mahdieh Akhoundan; Bagher Larijani; Camellia Akhgar Zhand; Mozhdeh Soleymanzadeh; Zahra Alsadat Seyed Rohani; Zahra Jamshidi; Mohsen khoshniat Nikoo

5. Harming Body As A Red Line for Islamic Fasting

Pages 158-161

Mahdi Ebrahimi; Saeedeh Behrooznia

Research Paper

7. The Effect of Ramadan Fasting and Physical Activity on Homocysteine and Fibrinogen Concentrations In Overweight Women

Pages 136-142

Seyyed Reza Attarzadeh Hosseini; Mohammad Ali Sardar; Samaneh Farahati; Mohsen Nematy

8. Cell Fasting: Cellular Response and Application of Serum Starvation

Pages 147-150

Masoomeh Aghababazadeh; Mohammad Amin Kerachian